Hot Seat – Week 2

Written 9/12/2014

So, now we’re starting to see some things shake out. I refrained from downgrading Mike Zimmer this week due to the last minute deactivation of Adrian Peterson.

Hot Seat:

  • Tom Coughlin (retires) (0-2) – If the Giants don’t look any better than that, Coughlin may not make it through the season! Not really – we’ve seen this act before: the Giants start horribly, look totally lost, go 2-6 and then finish 9-7, make the playoffs as a wild-card and go on and win the SuperBowl. Go figure.
  • Dennis Allen (0-2) – I may have been a bit hasty with my positive evaluation of Derek Carr. How he develops will determine Allen’s and Mackensie’s fates.
  • Jason Garrett (1-1) – So Dallas’ “historically bad” defense comes to play again. I can’t see that I saw this coming, but based on last week, I’m not overly surprised.
  • Joe Philbin (1-1) – Hmmm. So are they the dominating team we saw against the Patriots or is Buffalo that much better than we thought. Based on Chicago’s win, perhaps it’s the latter. (See next entry. Again).
  • Doug Marone (2-0) – WTF? “Saint Doug”?

Warm-up Deck:

  • Andy Reid (0-2) – Now we start seeing the results of the Chiefs’ disastrous off-season.
  • Jim Harbaugh (1-1) – After 2 gift TD’s and 2 big plays to score another – all in the first quarter – The 49ers had one sustained scoring drive against “a historically bad defense”. No scoring in the second half when the Cowboys scored 17 points. Not the MO of championship teams.
  • Rex Ryan (1-1) – Sloppy win against a bad team with a rookie QB. Then again, a win’s a win.
  • Jeff Fisher (1-1) – In spite of how respected Fisher is, how patient will the Rams’ management be after another disastrous season?

Successful Sophmores:

  • Marc Trestman (1-1) – Oops. They better correct that pronto!
  • Chuck Pagano (0-2) – With a depleted O-Line, the only way this team stays above water is through Luck’s Magic(tm)
  • Mike McCoy (1-1) – I would take Arians over most coaches. Better luck next week Mike.
  • Bruce Arians (2-0)
  • Chip Kelly (2-0) – Two weeks in a raw with Nice half-time attitude adjustment. Let’s hope they don’t make a habit out of it.

Stable Position:

  • Gus Bradley (0-2) – Good start. Now let’s see if Chad Henne has the ability to do it again.
  • Ron Rivera (2-0) – Wow! I guess the reports of the Panthers demise might have been a teensy bit overrated.
  • Mike McCarthy (1-1) – Yeah, Seattle’s still good.
  • Mike Smith (1-1) – Great recovery after a bad year.
  • Marvin Lewis (2-0) – Shaky start for two new coordinators (if you can consider Hue Jackson “new”), but they got the ‘W’.
  • John Fox (2-0) – Ho, Hum. Wake me up when it’s January.

Definitely Safe:

  • Sean Payton (0-2) – That’s 2 in a row directly attributable to Rob Ryan’s defense. Sean Payton may be definitely safe, but Rob Ryan certainly isn’t.
  • John Harbaugh (1-1) – That looks a lot better for Kubiak’s offense. But now they have to find a better long-term replacement for Ray Rice.
  • Mike Tomlin (1-1) – After going 8-8 for 2 consecutive years, how would the Rooney’s react to a third non-winning season? They have always been the most patient owners, so it may only be Dick Lebeau’s head on the chopping block.
  • Bill Belicheck (1-1) – That’s more like what we expect to see. But remember, Minnesota lost the most valuable non-QB in the league in Adrian Peterson 2 days before the game. His replacement was not an improvement. ???
  • Pete Carroll (1-1) – See Mike McCarthy.

First-Year Head Coaches (Generally safe):

Note that it’s a bit easier to fire a coach after one year when he’s already a retread. Therefore, Lovie and Jim Caldwell get the first billing in this section. I don’t know how the Washington “brain trust” (if I can call it that) will react to what’s coming.

  • Lovie Smith (0-2) – Losing to one of the consensus worst teams in the league start their 3rd string QB does not bode well for Lovie’s job security. Another week like that and he’ll start making it onto the Hot List even as a First Year Coach.
  • Jim Caldwell (1-1) – From the Giants to last years NFC South champion Panthers. We still don’t know what exactly we have in the 2014 Lions.
  • Jay Gruden (1-1) – So now we get an extended look at Kirk Cousins who is probably better suited for Gruden’s offense than RG III. That says something about a coach who isn’t tailoring his offense to his players.
  • Bill O’Brien – (2-0) It’s a good thing that effort was against the ‘skins.
  • Mike Pettine (1-1) – Even Rob Chudzinski was 3-0 with Hoyer as his starting QB. Cleveland had more Pro Bowlers than anyone??? What’s the point in putting Johnny Manziel out there for a 3-and-out? So you could say you did? The kid’s not ready and won’t be this year, no matter what every pundit in the business is saying.
  • Ken Wisenhunt (1-1) – Based on Wisenhunt’s past history, why did this surprise anyone?
  • Mike Zimmer (1-1) – A Mike Zimmer defense with a Norv Turner offense. I think we have the leading candidate for the worst-to-first team. Minnesota lost the most valuable non-QB in the league in Adrian Peterson 2 days before the game. His replacement Asiata was not an improvement.

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