Week 1 Random Thoughts

If the Dallas defense is so bad, why didn’t the 49’ers score more than 1 TD on them after the 1st quarter?

The wire reports are about Cleveland’s futility in Pittsburgh when they should be about Pittsburgh’s near-miraculous escape with a win at home.

The reports of Carolina’s crapitude appear to be greatly exaggerated.

Maybe we should hold off on crowning New England AFC champs just yet.

Dolphins made an emphatic statement – once they stopped turning the ball over.

Browns are a good deal better than people think. Could challenge for the division. No Manziel sightings yet.

Despite having the ball inside the 10 twice, a long punt return, and a fumble, Cincinnati could only get 5 field goals and 1 big play.

The Ravens drove the length of the field twice in the first half and got an interception in Bengals territory and managed to get no points.

Everybody’s worst QB’s: Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Derek Anderson, Fitzpatrick, Cassell, Locker all won. Hoyer came within a whisper of Overtime.

Rookie Derek Carr acquitted himself well.

After win over Redskins, pundits proclaiming Houston as favorites to go to playoffs. LOL

Vikings looked as good as I expected, but the Rams without a QB aren’t a real test.

And what was KC doing all offseason?

Jake Locker has been my most under-rated QB for over a year. Hoyer may join him soon.

I saw a lot of bobbled catches that bounced the right way.

TB may not be ready to take over the NFC South just by getting Lovie Smith as Coach. Where’s Mike Glennon?

Gus Bradley had the Jaguars start strong, but ultimately they couldn’t keep up with Chip Kelly’s Eagles after half-time adjustments.

Half-time scores:

Jaguars 17-0 – Eagles 34-17 (34-0)

Patriots 20-10 – Dolphins 33-20 (23-0)

Steelers 27-3 – Steelers 30-27. (24-3)

Most surprising results: Dolphins, Bills

Next most surprising (point spreads): Seattle, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texans


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