Coaches Week 1 Hot Seat

No changes in the categories yet. Week 1 is always a week of over-reacting, so I’ll hold off for now. Comments on individual coaches added.

Hot Seat:

  • Tom Coughlin (retires) – If the Giants don’t look any better than that, Coughlin may not make it through the season! Not really – we’ve seen this act before: the Giants start horribly, look totally lost, go 2-6 and then finish 9-7, make the playoffs as a wild-card and go on and win the SuperBowl. Go figure.
  • Jason Garrett – I don’t think that Dallas looked as bad as other people say. Stop the turnovers and this would have been a much different game. I’d be more concerned about the 49er’s not scoring at all the second half against “a historically bad defense”. That said wins and losses are what counts.
  • Dennis Allen – Allen and McKensie may have gotten lucky with Derek Carr. Time will tell.
  • Doug Marone – WTF? “Saint Doug”?
  • Joe Philbin – Whoa! They totally outplayed the Patriots for 60 minutes –  just turned the ball over a couple of times in the 1st half. How did they get an offensive line that good from starting over??

Warm-up Deck:

  • Andy Reid – Now we start seeing the results of the Chiefs’ disastrous off-season.
  • Jim Harbaugh – After 2 gift TD’s and 2 big plays to score another – all in the first quarter – the 49ers had one sustained scoring drive against “a historically bad defense”. No scoring in the second half when the Cowboys scored 17 points. Not the MO of championship teams.
  • Rex Ryan – Sloppy win against a bad team with a rookie QB. Then again, a win’s a win.
  • Jeff Fisher – In spite of how respected Fisher is, how patient will the Rams’ management be after if this season is as disastrous as it looks like it might be?
  • Ron Rivera – Wow! I guess the reports of the Panthers demise might have been a teensy bit overrated.

Successful Sophmores:

  • Marc Trestman – Oops. They better correct that pronto!
  • Chip Kelly – Nice half-time attitude adjustment. Let’s hope they don’t make a habit out of it.
  • Mike McCoy — I would take Arians over most coaches. Better luck next week Mike.
  • Bruce Arians – See above.
  • Chuck Pagano – With a depleted O-Line, the only way this team stays above water is through Luck’s Magic™.

Stable Position:

  • Gus Bradley – Good start. Now let’s see if Chad Henne has the ability to do it again.
  • Mike McCarthy – Yeah, Seattle’s still good.
  • Mike Smith – Great recovery after a bad year.
  • Marvin Lewis – Shaky start for two new coordinators (if you can consider Hue Jackson “new”), but they got the ‘W’.
  • John Fox – Ho, Hum. Wake me up when it’s January.

Definitely Safe:

  • Sean Payton – Ouch that hurt. Let’s see if Rob Ryan can fix that.
  • John Harbaugh – Not a good start for Kubiak’s new offensive scheme, but Thursday’s game against Steelers will tell us more.
  • Mike Tomlin – After picking-up the way they ended last year in the first half, the Steelers forgot that the Browns get paid, too.
  • Bill Belicheck – And this is supposed to be the year that the Patriots make their final Super Bowl of the Tom Brady era? Maybe Tom’s sucking sooner than he expected.
  • Pete Carroll – See Mike McCarthy.

First-Year Head Coaches (Generally safe):

Note that it is a bit easier to fire a coach after one year when he’s already a retread. Therefore, Lovie and Jim Caldwell get the first billing in this section. I don’t know how the Washington “brain trust” (if I can call it that) will react to what’s coming.

  • Lovie Smith – Yeah, Josh McCown is good enough to build your offense around.
  • Jim Caldwell – The New York Football Giants. Just what the doctor ordered for a raising the hopes for already overrated teams.
  • Jay Gruden – Uhm. Maybe he can blame it on Mike Shanahan (or George W. Bush). It’s the eco… er, team he inherited.
  • Bill O’Brien – It’s a good thing that effort was against the ‘skins.
  • Mike Pettine – Good start. Hoyer, Cassell, and soon to be Ryan Mallet. That makes 3 former Tom Brady back-ups starting for other teams.
  • Ken Wisenhunt – Based on Wisenhunt’s past history, why did this surprise anyone?
  • Mike Zimmer – A Mike Zimmer defense with a Norv Turner offense. I think we have the leading candidate for the worst-to-first team.

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