Injury prediction fulfillment

OK, so the Patriots probably weren’t going to win that game anyway, but when their best (really their only decent) CB Aqib Talib got knocked out with a knee injury, the game was over. Whether, Peyton would have been able to get the ball to Demaryus Thomas or not we’ll never know. He didn’t even seem to be looking at him before Talib went out.

This brings up another strike against Bill Belichick. His plan was to play man press coverage, but after losing Talib, that wasn’t going to work. Regardless, he didn’t do anything to adjust to the situation. This reminds me of the AFCC last year against the Ravens where he also seemed completely lost. I wonder how much of his difficulties are due to his having control over both Coaching and personnel. This set-up seems to be the Holy Grail of NFL coaches and has ruined almost all that have tried it. (Holmgren, Shanahan, Seifert). This frustration was on full display on Monday when he claimed that Wes Welker’s hit on Talib that caused the injury was a dirty play. Absolutely noone agrees with that sentiment, so it just makes Belichick even more of a poor sport.

So Peyton goes to another Super Bowl as the clear favorite. The Seattle QB Russell Wilson has not played well the last several games, so it may not even be close. The Broncos have so many weapons on offense and their OL has been one of the best even *after* losing their Pro Bowl Left Tackle and starting Center. Of course, the Seahawks have the best defense in the league, so we’ll see another installment of the Irresistible Force vs the Immovable Object trope.

On the other side, the Bronco’s run defense has played surprisingly well over the last few weeks and their defensive backfield looks to be getting healthier and just overall better. If Bronco DT Terence Knighton continues to play at an all-pro level, it could be a LONG day for the Seahawks fans.


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