Update: Munchak fired

Well, the other shoe has started to drop. I have to give the new Tennessee Titans management props for taking their time, unlike their predecessor Bud Adams. New owner Thomas Smith went over everything with GM Ruston Webster and Coach Munchak. They had some conclusions that required some changes by Munchak – obviously changes to the coaching staff. Mike Munchak had the night to think it over and obviously refused; so he was fired. Whether you think this is right or not appears to be a point of disagreement. Many people think that he’s right to stand by his assistant coaches; others that they needed changes and he was wrong to refuse them. I guess it stands on who you trust to make those decisions. Either you trust your Head Coach or you don’t so you fire him.

Some updated info on the New York Giants. In light of their horrendous offense this season, Mara was going to demand that Coughlin fire OC Kenneth Gilbride. Coughlin told him that he would fight that. How far that would have gone we’ll never know, because Gilbride has decided to retire instead. So, it looks like Coughlin is still in charge for at least another year.


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