2013 Season – Week 5

Things are changing in the Hot Seat as the players are getting more familiar with their coaches systems. Oakland and Arizona in particular are looking much better than they had before. 

Greg Schiano has now gotten his wish with the Bucs releasing Josh Freeman outright. He’s also completely lost his locker room with the way that this has been handled. He better be able to coach up rookie QB Mike Glennon very quickly if he hopes to stay on. If the Glazors are paying any attention, he’s gone.
This follows a familiar pattern with many – but certainly not all – coaches that come up from the college game where they were ultimate masters of their football domains.  Now they have to deal with the players as men and certain megalomaniacal coaches (e.g. Saban, Petrino) can’t deal with that.

Tom Coughlin inches ever closer to forced retirement as the Giants drop to 0-5 in another uncompetitive game against a mediocre opponent.

The 2-3 Texans could easily, nee should, be 0-5.  Methinks time has run out on Gary Kubiak.

The Vikings beat the 0-5 Steelers, but their signing of Josh Freeman shows the desperation settling in after squandering probably the best years of arguably the best running back in NFL history.

The Steelers dropped to 0-5, which is pushing Mike Tomlin towards unemployment. However, the Rooney family has a long history of sticking with a coach through poor seasons if they believe in him. But with the front office mandating offensive schemes that force juggling OC’s that might show that they don’t really believe Tomlin can effectively run his coaching staff by himself.

Chip Kelley is finding out how different the NFL is from college. He seems to be out of his depth in the NFL. Whereas in college you just get better players and solid coaching, the NFL is constantly adapting schemes even between series and he doesn’t seem to be able to answer that.

Dennis Allen looks like he’s stabilized the Raiders. Terrell Pryor is taking a page out of Russell Wilson’s playbook in Seattle and is making it look good. Now lets see what happens after the opponents have a few weeks of tape on him.

Philip Rivers is showing how good a QB coach Mike McCoy is. Whether that translates to the rest of the team is still to be seen.

Bruce Arians is starting to impress in Arizona – even with Carson Palmer as his QB. That says a lot about his coaching ability (just in case anyone – outside of Pittsburgh’s front office – had any doubts).


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