2013 Season – Week 4

The previous trajectories were reinforced this week.

Tom Coughlin inches ever closer to forced retirement as the Giants drop to 0-4 in another uncompetitive game.

The excrement has hit the fan in Tampa Bay, where Greg Schiano has now, not only benched Josh Freeman, but demoted him to 3rd string and banished him from the sidelines. (He watched the game this week from the team’s press box.) Meanwhile Rookie QB Mike Glennon didn’t do anything to establish himself as they lost to the previously 1-2 Cardinals. He better be able to coach up Glennon if he hopes to stay on. Unless the Glazors aren’t watching, that is, which is possible.

The Steelers dropped to 0-4, which is pushing Mike Tomlin closer to unemployment. Since Tomlin took over from coach Cowher, he won a SuperBowl, made the playoffs for x straight years, but missed the playoffs last year and has been hardly even competitive in most of their games this year. Meanwhile his fired OC took the Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs last year with a rookie QB after the team went 1-15 the previous year. The case could easily be made that he’s doing the all he can with the players that he’s been given. Critics of Todd Haley’s offense might disagree. However, the Rooney family might agree and only make a change at the GM level. They have a long history of sticking with a coach through poor teams. Of course the generations are changing, and the issues with the musical OC’s show that they’re not that sold on Tomlin for the long term.

It will be interesting to see how the Jaguars owner handles his rookie head coach as they dropped to 0-4 and looked like they the best chance of going 0-16 for only the second time ever. (TB went 0-14 when they had 14 game seasons. OK, they went 0-26, before winning their last two games in their second year.) Most coaches that have been fired after 1 year had 1-3 wins.

The Vikings beat the 0-4 Steelers, but after blowing the game against Cleveland last week, Leslie Frazier appears to be on ever shakier ground. The play of Matt Cassell this past week and stronger play from the Browns might ameliorate that somewhat.

Chip Kelley is finding out how different the NFL is from college. That and that Mike Vick is a coach killer. Whether he can right the ship before it sails any further over the edge remains to be seen.

Bruce Arians hasn’t impressed anyone in his short tenure in Arizona, and with Carson Palmer as his QB, that may not be changing anytime soon.

Philip Rivers is showing how good a QB coach Mike McCoy is. Whether that translates to the rest of the team is still to be seen.

Rob Chudzinski (Cleveland)… moving up.

Marc Trestman (Chicago) looking good.

Everyone thought that St Louis was a great chance for Jeff Fisher to really show what a good coach he was. Unfortunately, he has been moving backwards for the last couple weeks.

SF got back on track (by beating the RAMS. Whoopee.) Now let’s see if they can build on that or whether the younger Harbaugh coach will miss Alex Smith tragically??

Regardless of the last minute win over Seattle, time may be running out on Gary Kubiak.

On the other side of the ledger, Andy Reid is showing how good of a coach he can be (and how bad the previous regime’s head coaches were). After losing 3 close games, the Bills finally finished off the Ravens with a win, which allows coach Marrone some breathing room.

Miami (Philbin) has been surprising everyone, with the maturing of Ryan Tannenhill.

Bill Belicheck’s Patriots are starting to get used to playing together and will be getting healthier soon, although the injury to Vince Wolfork is HUGE. This continues to be Belicheck’s most challenging year as NE coach.

No change in status for John Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, John Fox, Jason Garrett, Mike Smith (yet), Schwartz, Payton,


Jury’s out: Shanahan, Rex, Marvin Lewis, Rivera, Pagano


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