2013 Season – Week 3

Well, this week, we have four coaches that made strides to separate from their teams by season’s end.

Of the 6 teams with (0-2) records, two of them won – by playing 2 of the other 0-2 teams. So, there’s not too much positive for to say about Cleveland and Carolina winning. But there’s a lot of negativity heading towards Minnesota, NY Giants, and Washington, and a little less so for Buffalo, whose expectations were much lower heading into the season.

We also saw some questionable coaching from SF, Cincinnati, and Tampa Bay. Green Bay had how many turnovers against Cincinnati?

Both Bill Belicheck and John Harbaugh further cemented their status as untouchable with dominating showings against Tampa Bay (meh) and supposed SB darkhorse Houston Texans.

NFC East:
Tom Coughlin, the oldest HC in the league by 5 years must be just begging for retirement. After losing 6 turnovers to Dallas in week 1, and losing to Denver in week 2, the Giants outdid themselves by being shutout 38-0 by a winless Carolina team looking every bit like a 0-3 team.

Washington flopped into Detroit and the Lions team was ready to flop them back out 3 hours later. Whether Shanahan is proving the nay say’ers who say he can’t win without having John Elway (and Terrell Davis) or if he’s demonstrating that not even bringing in SB winning and/or Hall-of-Fame coaches can’t overcome the incompetence of clueless, know-it-all owners (And I’m not excluding you, Jerry Jones from that category.)

We’ll need to keep a watch on Chip Kelly and the Eagles to see if he can avoid the trap of so many college coaches who think that they can just twink their systems a little here and there and that can then stand-up against the schemes developed by the best tacticians in football based on the best athletes in the world.

Jason Garrett has the Cowboys off to a good start. Their new emphasis on creating turnovers had immediate dividends against the NY Giants in week 1.  However, we’ll have to see how they do when the get into the play-offs.


NFC South:
Atlanta has been one of the most consistent franchises since Thomas Dimitroff took over and hired Mike Smith as Head Coach. This year seems like it’s going to test them as much as possible with the enormous number of injuries to starters, a resurgent New Orleans, and an overall improved NFC.


New Orleans looks like the team they were in 2011 before BountyGate. With Sean Payton back in control and Rob Ryan now handling their defense, they are once again a favorite to make the playoffs.

Greg Schiano came in last year as a rookie coach and brought an enthusiasm and a new style of football that energized the players and caused enough other teams problems for them to finish 7 – 9. That happened even though he was working behind the scenes to under-cut the presumptive leader and starting QB Josh Freeman. Now, they’ve spent a second round pick on Mike Glennon and are apparently grooming him to supplant Freeman who is well-liked in the locker room and a “company man”. This is starting to look like he’s losing, if not already lost, his players respect. If this doesn’t change soon, things are going to get ugly quick and Schiano may not make it through the entire season.

NFC North:
Chicago –Marc Trestman’s new offence is allowing Jay Cutler something that he’s never had before in his tenure at Chicago, the time to actually read the routes and throw the ball.

Detroit – Jim Schwartz continues to pull this team around with the latest huge piece of a

Green Bay – After this weekend’s ugly loss to Cincinnati, and a season opening loss to San Francisco, Cheese heads are going to get restless.

Minnesota – Leslie Frazier is doomed as long as he stays with Christian Ponder as his starting QB (And behind him is who?)

NFC West:
Arizona – Bruce Arians using Carson Palmer to air it out to Larry Fitzgerald

St Louis – Jeff Fisher doesn’t have any excuses now it’s put up or shut up time

San Francisco – How did Colin K go from all-world to bargain-basement leftovers in just 2 weeks?

Seattle – Russell Wilson

AFC East:
Buffalo – Rookie HC (Marrone) and QB (E.J. Manuel

Miami – Ryan Tannehill looking promising.

NE – Untouchable Bill Belicheck showing strength

NY Jets – Ryan showed why he’s such a good coach by beating Buffalo.

AFC North:
The elegies for the Ravens defense will have to be put away once again as they clobbered the Texans

Marvin Lewis’s Cincinnati Bengals won, but in one of the ugliest, sloppiest, sorriest excuses for a football game – 3 fumbles, and an interception by the Bungles, 2 fumbles and 2 interceptions by the Pack. WhooHoo!

Pittsburgh and Minnesota appear to have as their goal to get the Justice Department to come down on the NFL for letting go of 2/3 of their minority Head Coaches.

Cleveland finally did something that showed promise

AFC South:
Houston laid a big cow pie in the middle of M&T Bank stadium,

After a shaky 1-1 start, the Indianapolis Colts went across the country to San Francisco and physically frustrated and manhandled the NFC Champion 49’ers who do not appear to have prepared their new Franchise QB on how to be a new franchise QB. Jim Harbaugh may be on track to be a one-year wonder if he’s not careful. Meanwhile, Chuck Pagano is beginning to show that Indy’s success last year is something that he brought with him and that Bruce Arians’s tenure, as Acting Head Coach wasn’t solely due to his coaching.

Jacksonville: Why do they even try?

Tennessee – The Titans have looked surprisingly good beating two playoff-caliber teams in the Steelers and Chargers and only losing to the Texans in overtime.

AFC West
Andy Reid has much better personnel on the Chiefs than he did over the last couple of years in Philly. And was able to show how much better of a coach he is than any of their recent HC’s Romeo Crennell, …

Payton Manning continues on his quest to personally hand every single balloter for the official greatest QB of all time voting a personally signed Game Ball

Oakland – Better, but still not real good.

San Diego


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